Orders Placed Between 12/15-1/6 Will Ship 1/7


Updated 05/22/2019

It is my biggest priority that you love your jewelry and will be able to enjoy wearing it for a lifetime.  Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. You can also email me at kat@nurdleintherough. com.

These are my terms and conditions.  Please read them carefully before you purchase any Nurdle in the Rough products.  By purchasing Nurdle in the Rough products you warrant that you are at least 18 years old or have your parents permission to purchase products from this website.  You should understand that by ordering any of Nurdle in the Rough products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1.  Lead times
  2. Domestic Shipping (USA)
  3. International Shipping
  4. Refunds/Exchanges
  5. Important Information on Rings
  6. Repairs
  7. Gift card policy
  8. Personal Information
  9. Website review terms
  10. Lost or Damaged Packages

Lead Times:

I'll ship items out once payment goes through.  I will get them in the mail to you within 3-5 business days, depending on how many orders I’m currently fulfilling. Most of my work is currently made to order, the 3-5 business days allow me time to make, pack and ship your order. During holidays such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Earth Day, World Oceans Day and Christmas my lead time may be longer (7-10 business days) so please order well in advance. Please also note that domestic shipping takes 4-7 business days in addition to the fabrication time noted above. Shipping around Christmas will take longer because of the volume of parcels being shipped that time of year, please allow a comfortable 7-10 days for domestic orders and 15-20 days for international orders. For custom pieces, please plan for design and fabrication, which usually takes 2-4 weeks.  Prompt replies on your part to any design questions or sketch proposals from me will allow for a timely turnaround.  

Domestic Shipping within the USA:

Domestic shipping within the US will be sent via USPS First Class Mail, arriving within 4-7 days, and will come with insurance for the value of the piece. Shipping around Christmas will take longer because of the volume of parcels being shipped that time of year, please allow a comfortable 7-10 days for domestic order shipment. Upon shipment, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your package. If you need your piece faster than the times listed above, please contact me before purchase and I’ll do my very best to get it to you by your deadline. Please note that overnight shipping from Hawaii to the mainland does not exist, the fastest shipment possible is 2nd day and usually costs around $30-$40. Overnight shipping on the Big Island and to Oahu is an option. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any shipping questions or concerns. You can email me directly at kat @nurdleintherough.com or use the contact form here on my site.

International shipping:

International shipping will be sent via First Class International mail, arrival times vary but most arrive within 7-10 business days. Shipping around Christmas will take longer because of the volume of parcels being shipped that time of year, please allow a comfortable 15-20 days for international shipment. Expedited international shipping is also an option, please contact me before ordering and I’ll send a quote for cost of shipping. International shipping is subject to customs fees and may be held in customs for an indeterminate amount of time, which I have no control over and cannot estimate. Holds will impact the arrival time of your parcel. Upon shipment, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your package. This tracking number will be valid only until the parcel leaves the US, so if you check and see that it has been at the same location for several days, be assured that it is still en route to you and will arrive shortly. If you would like a tracking number all the way to your destination I’ll need to send your parcel registered for an extra fee. If your package does not arrive within the specified timeline above, there is a possibility that it is being held at your local customs office. Your international parcel will be insured for the value of the pieces inside. For international orders the shipping label on the outside of the parcel will list contents and value of the pieces inside. This is part of the international shipping customs form and unfortunately can’t be avoided. Please plan accordingly if you are sending someone a gift and do not want to disclose the cost. Make sure that the address that you’ve chosen to have parcels delivered to is secure and lockable, ie, do not allow parcels to sit unattended out in the open. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any shipping questions or concerns. You can email me directly at kat @nurdleintherough.com or use the contact form here on my site.

****Attention International Customers:****

If you are outside of the US, please be aware that customs charges may be incurred upon receipt of parcel. I do not falsify customs forms and will not mark merchandise as “gift” or “sample” as this is against the law.

For information on customs fees for shipments to the UK please visit: More Information UK

For information on customs fees for shipments to the EU please visit: More Information EU

For information on customs fees for shipments to Australia please visit: More Information AU

For information on customs fees for shipments to Japan please visit: More Information JP


You are eligible for a full refund for or exchange of unused and undamaged jewelry in its original packaging within 30 days. I cannot offer refunds or exchanges for custom work or for rings.  Shipping is nonrefundable and you must pay for return shipping and insurance for the value of the item of returned or exchanged items.  In the event of a price difference in an exchange, you'll either be refunded or will need to pay the difference in cost.

Important Information on Rings:

I cannot offer refunds in the event that you provide me with an incorrect ring size because each ring is custom made for you in your size. Please be sure of your ring size before buying a ring, I have printable ring sizers that I can email you at no cost, they are accurate if used correctly. Please note that for wide band rings (more than 5mm wide) you must order a half size larger than your usual ring size.

Refunds and returns must be cleared with me before you send any pieces back. Your refund will go through as soon as I okay it and you provide me with a tracking number.


Pieces that fail within 1 year due to error in fabrication are guaranteed to be fixed for free.  After that they may require a fee to be fixed.  

Pieces requiring repair due to user error or accident are evaluated on a case by case basis and may require a fee to be fixed.

Gift card policy:

By purchasing a gift card you will be buying a store credit as a gift, amount of your choice, redeemable at nurdleintherough.com as a code at checkout. Gift cards are redeemable for items of equal or greater value. In the event that the balance of the card is not used in entirety, the remaining balance will be displayed at checkout. Leftover a store credit will be retained by gift card holders and can be redeemed using the same code at a later date. The balance will not be refunded as cash value to gifter or giftee. It is the responsibility of the gift card holder to retain the gift card code for their records and for future use. By request, gift cards can be refunded in full if unused.

Taxes and shipping with gift card purchases:

If the item that the gift card holder purchases does not exceed the amount of the gift card, the gift card will cover tax and shipping fully. If the cost of the purchase that the gift card holder makes exceeds the gift card amount, they will be responsible for the remaining balance plus any tax or shipping cost.

Gift cards do not expire.

Personal Information:

Personal information you share with me is secure and will never be distributed or shared with anyone else.  I respect your privacy, and at your request I will wait to share custom pieces on social media until later predetermined dates.  I do reserve the right to share and distribute images of custom pieces or any piece that I've made. For more information about privacy and information security please visit my Privacy Policy page.

Website review terms:

Reviews should be left by customers who have purchased jewelry from Nurdle in the Rough Jewelry and reflect their personal experience of receiving their jewelry, wearing their jewelry, or their interactions with me, the business owner.

Reviews relating to specifics will be helpful for future customers, ie. what specifically do you like about your piece of Nurdle in the Rough Jewelry, what drew you to it, what will have you coming back as a repeat customer? Any feedback for me as a business owner is welcome and will help me improve my product, impact on the environment, customer interaction and customer satisfaction.

Any reviews that are inflammatory, abusive, racist, extremist or created with the intent to troll or upset customers will be removed. I have the right as the business owner to decide what constitutes the above grounds for removal.

Lost or Damaged Packages:

I will work with the USPS in the event of any lost or damaged packages, they will be insured so I will file a claim to understand what happened. If the claim is accepted and it is determined that the USPS is responsible for loss or damage, I will remake and re-send your pieces. I am not responsible for any packages that are misdelivered due to typos or incorrect addresses entered during checkout, so please double check your address. If the address is incorrect, the insurance will be void and the USPS will not claim responsibility and I will not replace your pieces. Please choose a secure (ie locked) location to have parcels delivered to, if your parcel is stolen, the USPS will not accept a claim for it and any insurance on the piece is void. If your parcel is stolen, it becomes a police matter and would need to be reported as theft. I am not responsible for stolen parcels and will not replace stolen items. Your parcel will arrive in a recycled brown padded mailer with a shipping return label that will say “Nurdle in the Rough” but not specify that there is jewelry inside, for security reasons. International orders are an exception and will list the contents and value of items within, this cannot be avoided so please have parcels delivered to locking mailboxes. If delivery to a secured location is not an option, I can send the parcel registered so that a signature is required. You’ll need to request this option before ordering and there will be an additional charge. Please note that any shipping mishap is out of my control once the parcel leaves my studio. The address that you type into my website will transfer automatically to your shipping label and from there I will safely pack your jewelry and entrust your pieces to the USPS with insurance as a backup. If you would like to choose a different carrier, please let me know before you order and I’ll send you a quote for cost of shipping.