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To keep your jewelry beautiful and in good condition, please take these tips into consideration.

Keep your jewelry clean and store it out of direct, harsh sunlight and hot conditions.  

To clean the plastic areas of your jewelry, use a soft brush and a mild soap to take oil or dirt off of the surface.  Don't use any abrasives or chemicals on the plastic.  For the sterling silver, clean with a polishing cloth or silver cleaner.  Be careful not to get polishing compound or cleaning chemicals on the plastic.  For coral, sea urchin spines or bone, use a soft brush with mild soap.  Any dirt will clean right off of the surface.

It's a good idea to remove jewelry when doing heavy lifting or dirty work with your hands.  You don't want to snag necklaces, earrings or bracelets and damage them or cause yourself harm.  You should also take care not to bang your jewelry against things, marring the edges or bending settings. 

Some cleaning products can tarnish silver or react with plastic, so you might want to remove jewelry when you use cleaning products.  

I recommend removing jewelry when swimming in a pool.  Chlorine can tarnish silver and will eat tiny pits in gold.

If you use bug spray with deet in it, be sure to take your jewelry off when you apply the spray.  Deet will melt plastic.