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Q: What is a Nurdle?

A: Nurdles are the pre-production material used to make all plastic products. They're little plastic pellets that are melted down into everything from water bottles to bathing suits to children's toys. They are one of the leading forms of plastic pollution, a large number of them end up flowing directly into the ocean.

Q: What is your jewelry made out of?

A: Ocean plastic and 100% recycled sterling and fine silver. 

Q: How do you recycle your metal?

A: I order mill products from a reputable refiner that I've personally toured and worked for, Hoover and Strong. All of their metal is 100% recycled.

Q: Where do you get your plastic?

A: Mostly from the Kau coastline along the south eastern area of the island.  I volunteer my time and clean Kamilo beach often, which is one of the beaches that is hardest hit by plastic pollution.

Q: What items do you find the most of?

A: I find lots of toothbrushes, bottle caps, shoes, bottles, plastic utensils, toys, buoys and fishing industry waste like rope, oyster spacers, catch crates and hagfish traps.

Q: How do you get the plastic so shiny? Do you melt it down or lacquer it?

A: Nope, I polish it with finer and finer grits, a process similar to polishing stone.  It takes a lot of patience and time.

Q: What happens to the plastic that you don't use?

A: Some is recycled, some goes to businesses like Method Home where it is used to make consumer goods like bottles, some goes to other artists, some to scientists and drift nets go to the "Nets to Energy" program on Oahu where they are incinerated to generate power and some is disposed of in the landfill. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! I ship worldwide. International shipping is usually $16.25 USD, you'll be responsible for any customs charges if they occur.